Church to Perdition

Church to Perdition


Let’s see how good your climbing skills are! This is a short hill time trial. See how quickly you can get from a standing start at the post box up to the top of Kingcavil.  Its never an easy ask, but good training and a great way to mark improvements to your fitness.  It is self timed, although Strava never lies!

Your best time will be the one recorded for the challenge, with the best time of the year getting a pat on the back at the end of season dinner!

The Start
Start in Kingscavil, at the wall-mounted post box on the left. Lean with your left hand on the post box with your feet clipped in.

The Finish
The ride ends at the entrance to the farm on the left just before the junction at the top

Your time must be the TOTAL time including stops for energy gels, comfort breaks, calls to the local cardiac arrest unit, oxygen etc., so make sure your stop-watch is on the setting that keeps ticking when your wheels aren’t turning.

Hall of Fame – Church to Perdition

  1. John Glass 3.38 (2013)
  2. Ruan Vorster 3.49 (2021)
  3. Steve McCaw 3.51 (2012)
  4. Dave Macivor 3.51 (2021)
  5. Alex Ball 3.52 (Fastest Youth A) (2018)
  6. Matthew Ball 3.56 (2012)
  7. Mark Ewing 4.03 (2012)
  8. Iain Elliot 4.05 (2012)
  9. Billy Minto 4.06 (2012)
  10. Ewan Norton 4.10 (2012)

Please remember that you are responsible for your own safety.  It is a training ride, and risks should not be taken in pursuit of a time. The best time to do it is when the road is dry.  Individuals ride the route at their own risk, and must follow the Highway Code at all times. West Lothian Clarion and its club members accept no responsibility for the safety of anyone riding the route, and no liability in the event of an accident.