Linlithgow Cross

Linlithgow Cross 2023

A heads up that on Sunday January 29th 2023 the Linlithgow Cross CX event (click here for entries on British Cycling) hosted by the youth section will be happening again, and will include:-

 Youth races

 Free coaching session for age 16+

 Mixed taster race

 Superquaich round 2

 Scottish Student CX championships

Superquaich is a less formal Scottish cyclocross race series with a separate woman’s race along with two mens races. So, no matter your CX age, experience, ability or competitiveness, there is a race for you!
And if you don’t fancy racing, we could *really* do with your help. It’s going to be a very busy day!

Results available from the September 2022 event here on the British Cycling Website. Well done to all the riders and to our fabulous organisers who knocked it out the park once again for this event!

Photos are available on Facebook at the moment but will be posted up here soon.

From the January 2022 event, there are good write ups of the junior and senior races, and photos available at the links below: Thanks to Scott Armour and Gordon Scott for these!

The following gallery was taken by Michael Nesbitt and covers all the races throughout the day, many thanks to Michael for these. Please credit him if downloading and sharing these.