Youth Race Series

Youth Race Series

Experience the fun and excitement of racing in our club-confined 5-race series.
Our race series is designed to introduce members to cycle sport and develop racing skills. It is made up of mountain bike, grass track omnium, road, hill climb and cyclo-cross races, each held in traffic free locations.

Riders win points depending on where they finish in each race. The points are accumulated in a season long league table with trophies awarded at the end of the year.

The coaching sessions leading up to a each race will concentrate on the skills required for each discipline.

Race rules

1. Open to first claim youth members of West Lothian Clarion only for U14 and U16. 2nd claim members in younger age groups may take part at the organisers’ discretion if attendance at coaching sessions is high.

2. Riders must ride in their correct youth age category, based on their age on 1 January. For 2023 the categories are:

Youth A (U16) born 2007-8

Youth B (U14) born 2009-10

Youth C (U12) born 2011-12

Youth D (U10) born 2013-14

Youth E (U8) born 2015 or later

3. Riders must not use a gear that exceeds the maximum gear for their age category. See gear restrictions for details.

4. A rider’s best 4 results will be used to calculate their final league position

5. If there is a tie at the end of the series based on the best 4 results for each rider, the final positions will be determined based on head to head results across all 5 events.

6. Riders must be safe, dangerous riding may lead to disqualification.

7. The series is an individual event. Riders must not ‘support’ other riders, (eg slowing the tempo, pacing, warning of attacks or other ‘team’ behaviour). But working together as individuals in a break is encouraged.

8.The races are held under British Cycling rules.

9. 20 points are awarded for first place down to 1 for 20th and all placings to last place.

10.The organiser’s decision is final