The Club 10

The Club 10

The club 10 mile TT series is held over 10 races. There are three trophies awarded, one for the women’s competition, one for the men’s competition and one for the junior competition. For insurance reasons our series is open to first claim club members only.

Although advantageous for a time trial, you do not NEED a TT bike, pointy helmet or a skinsuit to take part, and the vast majority of our participants don’t have these things. If you are a beginner but want to give TT a try then the club 10 is the best place to start. All beginners surprise themselves with just how fast they can go.

Please keep an eye on the website and the club’s social media platforms for the 2022 event schedules, volunteer rota and all other updates.

Event Details
Race HQ: Blackridge Train Station car park.
Entry fee: £1
Map: Click for route

Course summary: start just past bus stop on LHS opposite football pitches in Blackridge. Continue through the village on A89 towards Caldercruix. On entering Caldercruix do a 180 round the roundabout then head back towards Blackridge, the finish is just before the 30 signs.

To run the series we require two volunteers each week, one timekeeper and one turn marshal, neither job is terribly difficult and if you’ve not done it before, instructions will be given and there will be plenty people there to keep you right.
If you’re going to race in the series then you should try to volunteer at least once.  When you volunteer you will be awarded series points so that you don’t lose out.

You should accept responsibility for your own conduct and safety (including the safety of your bicycle and other equipment) during Club activities. You are responsible for your safety, individuals take part in any group rides at their own risk. West Lothian Clarion and its club members accept no responsibility for the safety of anyone participating in group rides, and no liability in the event of an accident. We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate third party insurance, such as that available with British Cycling membership.