Wellbeing & Protection

Wellbeing & Protection

Our Wellbeing and Protection Officer (WPO) is Paul Sexton.  The role of the Club WPO is to ensure the safeguarding and protection of children within the sport and ensure that all club volunteers are aware of the duty of care to protect the children from harm.

Paul Sexton

If you have any queries for Paul about any matters then he can be contacted at welfare@westlothianclarion.co.uk or on 07747 641020.

If there is a concern about a child being in immediate danger then contact should be made with the Police immediately.

Club Policies and Procedures

Our Club has adopted a suite of policies and procedures from Scottish Cycling, amending them where appropriate.

Policy Documents Appendix Documents
Wellbeing and Protection Policy Statement (signed) Appendix 2 – Club Wellbeing and Protection Officer Role Description
Wellbeing and Protection Policy Appendix 3 – Safe Recruitment Guidance
Anti Bullying Policy Appendix 4 – Adult to Child Ratios
Communications Policy Appendix 5 – Physical Contact First Aid Lone or 1 to 1 Working
Data Protection Policy Appendix 6 – Behaviour Management Guidance for Coaches and Volunteers
Equality Policy Appendix 7 – Changing Room Management
Disciplinary Process Appendix 8 – Guidance on Late and Non-Collection of Children
  Appendix 9 – Transporting Children
  Appendix 10 – Trips Away Overnights and Accommodation
  Appendix 11 – Social Media Photo and Filming Guidance
  Appendix 12 – Guidance on Working with U18 Volunteers
  Appendix 13 – Adapting Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures to U18s


Codes of Conduct

All of our members, youth section members, volunteers, coaches parents and guardians are bound by our codes of conduct:

Youth Section Members Code of Conduct
Parents and Carers Code of Conduct
Volunteers Code of Conduct
Coaches Code of Conduct
Adult Members Code of Conduct