Contact & Information

A copy of our club constitution is available here- WLC Constitution.

For more information about the club, email our Club Secretary Andy Hemingway

We are always keen to open up the pleasures and benefits of cycling to more women. If you’d like to find out more about our activities and events for women, if you want to try out one of our club runs, or if you’d just like some friendly advice from other women cyclists, contact Claire Dowens

Senior Committee

: Liz Henry
Vice President: John Scholes
Welfare Officer: Paul Sexton
Social Secretary:  Vacant
Women’s Co-ordinator: Claire Dowens
Treasurer: Andrew Wilson
Race Secretary: Barry Speedie
Communications Officer: Vacant
Secretary: Andy Hemingway
Membership Secretary: Mark Wight
Cycle Circuit Co-ordinator: Jamie Corr

Youth Committee

President: Ewen Fulton
Secretary: Craig Duncan
Treasurer: John Dowens
Welfare Officers: Paul Sexton
Communication Officer: vacant
Coaching Lead: Steve Darling
Club Strategy: Gordon Paterson

Codes of Conduct

All of our members, youth section members, volunteers, coaches parents and guardians are bound by our codes of conduct:

Youth Section Members Code of Conduct
Parents and Carers Code of Conduct
Volunteers Code of Conduct
Coaches Code of Conduct
Adult Members Code of Conduct