Women’s Cycling

West Lothian Clarion are keen to promote cycling for women and we like to think we have a supportive women’s scene within our club. We are a mixed club, with a sizeable number of female members, and we are always keen to attract more women into our club.


The club has taken steps to make sure that women are attracted into the sport and that the needs of female cyclists are taken into account:

1. Women’s Coordinator

Claire Dowens is our committee member with responsibility for promoting women’s cycling within the club and to keep members informed of any new cycling initiatives, races or events for women. 

2. Women’s Hour at the West Lothian Cycle Circuit

New in 2023, is ‘Women’s Hour’ on a Monday evening at the Cycle Circuit (XCite Linlithgow)! Women’s Hour aim to develop a community of women cyclists. The sessions are designed to develop a skill, have fun, and get a workout. Sessions are led by fully qualified cycling coaches. You don’t need to be a member of the West Lothian Clarion cycling club to come along to Women’s Hour – and share this info with your friends and family. We have three groups at Women’s Hour.

Group 1:  Monday 6.30-7.30pm, arrival time 6.15pm. Free session to boost confidence and encourage women onto bikes. This session is ideal for people getting their bikes out of the shed for the first time in a while

Group 2: Monday 7.30-8.30pm, arrival time 7.15pm. £4 per session. Focused on developing group riding skills. You will already ride a bit and want to go further, faster and gain fitness.

Group 3: Monday 7.30-8.30pm, arrival time 7.15pm. £4 per session. A bit like an outdoor spin class, for those who can confidently ride in a group. You will ride regularly and be looking to get a work out in a group.

You book (and pay if appropriate) via an App called Spond using this link: https://group.spond.com/VSVTM 

3. Club runs
Our club runs are the backbone of our club and we encourage mixed club riding. See our club runs guide page for further information. However, we do recognise that some ladies may prefer a women’s only ride as an introduction to the club. So we occasionally organise a women’s only ride or a women’s invitational ride (where the girls set the route and the pace). These runs are generally a little more relaxed than our weekly club runs and are designed to allow you to try riding in a group without worrying if you can keep up with the men.

4. Competition
All our open and club races have equal prizes for both men and women. We also encourage members to take part in events. Through our forum we will let you know when there are women’s specific races and events coming up. Our club has been represented at time trials, track competition, road races, sportives (both nationally and abroad) and hill climb competitions. You can also compete within the club as there is a separate women’s league in our club confined time trial series, a women’s Best All Rounder (BAR) trophy and club records such as our Sea to Sky challenge.


5. Club kit for women
If you want to look good on the road we also have a full range of Women’s specific club clothing available through Endura, our kit provider.

6. Women only coaching
Throughout the year we organise women only coaching to boost confidence, gain new skills or to give you that competitive edge if you are looking to race.

7. We’re a social club
There are annual get togethers like our Tour de France Party and annual Champions Night

8. Why a mixed club is great
We wholeheartedly believe that belonging to a mixed club is beneficial as you will gain skills and knowledge from a wider range of riders, you can ride with your partner. and are more likely to find others who ride at a similar pace. 

We offer a discounted family membership. There is also a kids club, so if you have a family they too can be involved in the club.

Get in contact
We have a closed Facebook chat page for women in the club. To join that, and for any other questions or information, please contact lasses@westlothianclarion.co.uk

“I want to be motivational and inspirational for everybody: my big aim is more women on bicycles.”

Marianne Vos