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How do i sign up?

The vast majority of CX events in the UK are governed by British Cycling, with a handful being run independently. For BC events, you will require a minimum of Silver Membership with BC to be eligible to take part in races. On top of Silver Membership, you will need a full race license to allow you to claim points (awarded for top 10 finishes). A full race license costs around £40 per year. It is possible to race on a day license (£5 per event), but you will not be awarded any points should you finish in the top 10.

CX races are run by age group rather than by license category, Junior, Senior, V40 etc. Female riders are usually all grouped together regardless of age.

CX has seen a massive boost in popularity in recent years, and has become the go to discipline for many of our club members, and not just during the winter months. The club runs several summer CX sessions, aswell as our annual Santa Cyclocross event every December. One of our coaches, Matthew Ball, also provides free of charge CX coaching sessions for beginners so those who are new to the sport can gain some experience before they try racing for the first time. 

You can start CX on a specific CX bike, a gravel bike, or even a mountain bike, pretty much anything with nobbly tyres. Disc brakes are beneficial in wet and muddy conditions but not essential. If you are riding clipped in you will need SPD cleats, but any shoes with a heavy tread will work, it will be very slippy!

Finding grip where there is none is the name of the game, and trying to carry as much speed as possible through the corners. The top riders will make this look effortless but it takes a lot of practice and superior bike handling skills to do well. Thankfully we provide CX training sessions from time to time so you can learn from our coaches, and some of our more experienced racers.

Club Events
The club usually hosts some summer CX events at Linlithgow Leisure Centre, aswell as our famous Santa CX event every December. Coaching sessions are normally organised at a few weeks noticed, so keep an eye on our various club news outlets for more details.