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Time Trial

How do i sign up?
TTs in the UK are governed by either British Cycling or Cycling Time Trials (CTT). For BC events, you will require a minimum of Silver Membership with them to be eligible to take part. On top of Silver Membership, you will need either a full race license, or you can choose to race on a day license on a per event basis. A full race license costs around £40 per year, a day license is £5 per event. License points are not awarded for TTs.

For CTT events, you do not need a license, and just need to be a member of an affiliated club (such as ourselves) to take part. 

Known as the race of truth, TT is racing in the purest form. Basically put, how fast can you ride a set distance? Standard distances include 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles, but there are also many non-standard distance events in the calendar aswell. And for those who really want to push themselves there are even 12 and 24 hour endurance events!

If you are new to TT, we host our own club confined 10 mile TT series every year which is an ideal place to start. Further details can be found on the racing tab above.

Open events are hosted all over the country on a regular basis from March through to October, and unlike some other disciplines, you are almost always guaranteed a starting place. This can also be said for the Scottish Championship races, and with no minimum entry requirement you can see how your times stack up against the best riders in the country.

All of the faster TT courses follow and out and back route. They also run along sections of dual carriageway, which sounds like a very daunting prospect but can actually feel safer than riding on a single carriageway, as most of the traffic will pass you in the outer lane.

A TT bike, and all the aero accessories are not a requirement for open events, although they do provide a significant speed advantage over a road bike on flat, fast courses. If you are new to TT a set of clip on TT bars, which can always be found cheaply enough, are a good place to start to get you in a more aerodynamic position. GCN provide a great video on this, see below.

Beware. The pursuit of faster times, and the perfect aero position can become addictive!